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SoundcloudRobot now works with the new version of Soundcloud!

SoundcloudRobot is a software tool to help grow your Soundcloud presence.

If you are a DJ, music producer, singer, songwriter, record label owner, rock band, or anyone trying to get recognition?

Have you noticed how some users get thousands of plays, comments, followers, and downloads on their tracks?

Here’s the problem… Soundcloud is saturated. There are so many people on Soundcloud that post their music on the website that getting your music any attention becomes the luck of the draw.

Well wait no longer! Now with SoundcloudRobot you can get your tracks in front of real users.

Get an edge on Soundcloud with SoundcloudRobot. SoundcloudRobot is the industry’s first tool to organically grow your Soundcloud presence.

How? With automation. SoundcloudRobot automates tasks you would normally do to grow your followers.

What kinds of tasks?

  • Auto following other users who match similar interests – SoundcloudRobot will automatically gather users who match interests you specify (i.e. Dubstep, Trance, Rock, Hip hop) and follow them.
  • Auto playing tracks – SoundcloudRobot will automatically play tracks for a specified amount of time.
  • Auto unfollowing users who don’t follow you back – By following a certain amount of users, pausing a few hours (which SoundcloudRobot can do automatically) then unfollowing those who didn’t follow you back you can steadily grow your Soundcloud follower base – increasing your reputation and status on the website and giving you a whole new group of people that will see each one of your new tracks.
  • Auto share/unshare tracks to groups – Groups are a great way to get your track seen by people interested in the genre. Soundcloud allows users to share a track with up to 75 groups. Some of the biggest groups on Soundcloud have tracks being added every few seconds! Meaning that your track gets buried quickly! A method to bypass this is to unshare and reshare your tracks to groups. Unfortunately, adding a track to 75 groups, unsharing them, and resharing them is a very tedious process – something that SoundcloudRobot does automatically. 
  • Auto comment, private message, favorite – With SoundcloudRobot, you can automatically private message users and comment or favorite tracks. Avoid looking like spam by using SoundcloudRobot’s comment and private message rotation system.
  • Don’t worry about following users you’ve already followed, or commenting on tracks that you’ve already commented on. SoundcloudRobot remembers what you’ve done and avoids duplicating.
  • SoundcloudRobot can also pause between instructions a certain amount of seconds.

Tell SoundcloudRobot what to do with it’s human readable instruction system.

What is that? Well let’s say you want to unfollow all users not following you back? Simply type in as a SoundcloudRobot command:

Unfollow all users not following back

Want to only unfollow 20 users? Want to delay between actions? Easy!

Unfollow 20 users not following back delaying 3 seconds between actions

The complete list of commands can be found in the support section.

Speaking of which, by purchasing a subscription license for SoundcloudRobot you get access to the support forums where you can ask questions, share commands, and talk strategy!

SoundcloudRobot is available for both Windows, Linux, and Mac.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase a subscription today!