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How Does SoundcloudRobot Work?

SoundcloudRobot works by automating the tasks you normally do on Soundcloud. Whether the tasks are sharing to groups, playing tracks, following users, unfollowing users, commenting on tracks, or private messaging users, SoundcloudBot will get you real, organic followers.


Easy to Use

SoundcloudRobot features dynamic commands. Want to share a track to 10 of your groups? Simply enter Share to 10 groups!


Get Your Sounds Heard

  • Rotate between comments and private messages
  • Schedule multiple threads of projects to run different commands.
  • Specify delay: For example: Find 50 tracks tagged with rock for each comment,favorite delaying 3 seconds per action
  • Restart threads automatically: Set and forget!


Automatic Updates

SoundcloudRobot features automatic updating and is available for Windows and Mac!